Paxos Skin Care provides nourishing, effective skinc are based on organic, natural ingredients along with the thoughtful addition of safe active ingredients, to help give you the kind of glow you get on a restful vacation.

Paxos is based in the Greater Portland region, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Known for its pioneer spirit, the region is filled with makers of all sorts, each with a unique point of view and love of the natural beauty around us. With roots here, we at Paxos look near and far for inspiration and ingredients.

Made in small batches, our skin care formulas feature natural, organic, wild-crafted, and select safe synthetic active ingredients that are vegan, free of added parabens, and gluten, to give you the results you seek, without the toxins and irritants you don’t want.

Skin, the largest organ of the human body, accounts for about 16% by weight of the average person’s body. Nourishing and protect our skin while avoiding harmful ingredients is important. Almost all products are packaged in glass jars and bottles to minimize negative impacts on our planet and our bodies. Unlike plastic, which can leach into the contents, glass is impermeable, non-porous and will not degrade over time and is 100% recyclable.

We strive to bring you nourishing and effective skin care, naturally. Glow with Paxos.

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