Silk Therapeutics

Silk therapeutics pure liquid silk’s harmony with your skin gives it the power to transform—without any additives. Silk Therapeutics only ingredients are active, pure and essential. Silk works both as a powerful anti-aging element as well as a protector of the other active ingredients. Each carefully chosen ingredient in Silk Therapeutics products is essential to the anti-aging process, encouraging regeneration, radiance and firmness with visible results.

Each of their products features silk as the foundational ingredient. The combined formulation works in harmony with skin. In this way, their only ingredients are clean, gentle, safe and powerful, creating healthier, more beautiful skin—and confidence that comes from within.

Silk is remarkably compatible with human skin—they share the same 18 amino acids and have a compatible protein structure. With their patented process, Silk Therapeutics scientists isolate fibroin, the allergen-free portion of the silk fiber, and transform it to a silk liquid that penetrates deeply into your skin, working harmoniously to simulate anti-aging at a molecular level. Silk Therapeutics provides only what your skin needs—without unnecessary fillers, additives and harsh preservatives.

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