Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics

Why choose Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics???
1 – Water is not a main ingredient, as it is in 90% of other skincare products.

2 – We make our products fresh in small batches.

3 – We never use blades to damage the organic molecules when mixing. Sher-Ray uses a continuous vacuum to combine ingredients.

4 – We use Biophotonic Violet Glass to preserve and protect our Formulas.

5 – Our Formulas are concentrates, that do more with less product.

6 – Our organic Formulas are so unique that they have patents.

7 – Our products are vegan and packed with natural minerals and NEVER tested on animals

In Sherry’s opinion, for a beauty product to have a healthy GREEN PROFILE, it shouldn’t have any ingredients that are synthetic in origin. This is especially true with any product that is used on the lips and can be digested.

Remember, up to 60% of what is put on the skin topically can enter the blood stream, hence the medical patch.

Things to avoid

Artificial fragrances that are made synthetically (the first was Chanel 5)
Formaldehyde and preservatives made with paraben
Petrochemicals, mineral oils and silicones
Ingredient formulated with PEG and PG (Polyethylene glycol)
Synthetic colors and dyes (FD and C)
Sulfate-based anything

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