ANFISA Skin was founded on the belief that one, botanically-obsessed company with a passion for skin products that actually work, can transform the relationship you have with your skin. ANFISA’s passion for real, proven results is anything but skin deep. Amid a decade-long personal struggle with her acne-prone skin, co-founder Aly Korchemniy’s fruitless search for a botanical remedy that actually worked led to a powerful realization: if she wanted dewy skin, she would have to do it herself.  Embracing the pursuit of innovation and alchemy, Aly spent six years researching cosmetic formulations, realizing that her life’s purpose was to follow her truest passion — skincare. Her background in medical aesthetics and her drive to find solutions for herself and others experiencing her struggle led to the creation of ANFISA’s debut product, Radiant Hydra-Balm. Concepted by co-founder Nick Korchemniy, the original ANFISA packaging design, logo, imagery, and fonts were developed, and continue to inspire the brand’s identity. Today, Aly and Nick lead ANFISA Skin together, pairing Aly’s enthusiasm for innovation and commitment to creating groundbreaking new formulas with Nick’s oversight of the business’s operations and marketing. Their commitment to partnership and collaboration is what drives ANFISA’s belief that true depth is not found outside oneself — it is cultivated from within.

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