The Soap Dish – Hand Made Soap


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the soap dish soaps are made using the cold process method which involves combining oils or animal fats (I only use vegetable oils in my soaps) with lye (sodium hydroxide). This creates a chemical reaction called Saponification in which the lye is used up and the end product is soap. Super fat the soap recipes which means I add a certain percentage of oils over the amount that would normally be converted into soap by the lye. This means that because they use a 5% to 6% super fat the soap will have 5% to 6% of oil remaining in the soap contributing to a more moisturizing bar. There are no harsh detergents or other chemicals added in cold process soap it’s just plain soap.

the soap dish uses fragrance oils and essential oils and purchase my fragrance oils from vendors that only use formulas that are body safe and dibutyl phthalate free. They also use essential oils that they blend together or use individually like rosemary, spearmint, lavender, ginger, bergamot, and lemongrass in addition to others.


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