Agent Nateur

Did you know that the United States doesn’t require cosmetic safety regulations? This means that cosmetics are not tested for safety and health before they are sold. Agent Nateur chooses to source ingredients in Europe or from small suppliers that we trust. Japan and Europe have the highest safety regulations for cosmetics and we believe that is important. It has become increasingly difficult to source ingredients in the US that are GMO free or not laden with pesticides. T

he reality is that we live in a toxic world and it is hard to avoid all pesticides, but we try our best by working with farmers we trust. We personally visit our suppliers in the south of France, Germany and Switzerland to buy some of our ingredients. Agent Nateur is certified in Europe which means that our formulas have been tested for safety measurements. We work with the absolute best suppliers that are on the market in terms of safety and efficacy and we never cut our ingredients with cheap fillers. Our anti-aging ingredients are plant-derived and free of GMO’s and soy.

We don’t compromise our ingredients to cut costs. Each product is something I personally make for myself and the formula remains the same from sampling to production in terms of the supplier and ingredients.

-Jena Covello Founder and Creatrix of Agent Nateur

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